My cat was born the year I graduated from high school, on Holloween. He loved to eat and weighed 22lb at his fattest. He lived his entire life at my parents house, since he was born there.

When I lived in Santa Fe, my parents got a gigantic Great Pyrenees dog, who Simba terrorized ceaselessly. He would attack the dog and steal her food if someone gave the dog something good! He would drink only from the dog's water bowl, just because he knew it upset the dog when he did that, and he often attacked the dog just for walking past him.

He was greedy and cynical and was willing to manipulate anyone who might feed him more. It was funny to see how people would think he was the sweetest cat ever when they first met him, because he would kiss up to new people immediately in hopes of being fed more. I'd dash their illusions by asking him if he wanted food, at which point he would LEAP away from his new friend to run over to me!

I loved him, even though he was greedy and openly sold his friendship to the highest bidder. He died on July 22, 2010. My son and I miss him.


Chris Crawford holding a fat orange cat

Simba and Chris


A fat cat begging for food at the dinner table




Simba is greedy and bitchy. He demands that ALL food be given to him.


MacKenzie Crawford reading a book while a fat orange cat looks on

Simba and Mack


A bitchy looking fat orange cat laying on a cat toy

The pillow says: "Quiet please, cat at work"


a fat orange long haired cat laying on his back


A large orange long haired cat sleeping in a window


A huge orange long haired cat sleeping in a window


A tortoiseshell cat and her kittens

Simba as a baby